Monday, September 12, 2011

Martha Stewart Heating Tool Product Review

Product Review: Martha Stewart Heating Tool

My latest venture in crafting is heat embossing.  I love to add that extra luxe touch to dress up a simple, blank notecard.  I will admit, it takes practice to get the right amount of ink, powder, and heat.  I have also burned my fair share using the wrong kind of heat sources.  I finally decided to purchase a heating tool and turned to Martha Stewart via Michaels Craft Store.

Martha Stewart Tools Heating Tool Large Image

The Martha Stewart Heating Tool is very comfortable and easy to hold to heat emboss.  The coil heats quickly and consistently.  Also, the air flow is not too fast to blow all the embossing powder off the design.  The cord is very heavy duty and a sufficient length.  The tool was also priced competitively, but a bit higher, than comparable heating tools from other brands.

Using this Martha Stewart Heating Tool, I did not scorch any projects and was pleasantly surprised by the ease and functionality. 

Check out the projects I completed using this tool at DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts on Etsy!

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