Thursday, September 1, 2011

Featured Artist: Natural Beauty Photography

You all know I love photography! I had the opportunity to talk to another photographer about her art and business. Anne DeLorenzo, Natural Beauty Photography, was gracious to give me a few minutes of her time to answer some questions about her business. She has beautiful portraits of families, children, weddings, musicians, and more. Many of her pictures also feature the beautiful Arkansas mountain landscapes.

Q: How/Why did you get started in your artistic endeavors?

A: I started taking pictures of my boys. I wanted to have lots of pictures of my boys. I started my business when I started taking photos of my sister. People would tell me these pictures looked so professional. I went to buy a professional camera and started my business to get out of my day job sales position. (Natural Beauty Photography was born!)

Q: How long have you been creating?

A: My business has been going for over 2 years. July was 2 years.

Q: What are you most common models or subjects of your crafts?

A: I take a lot of pictures of families and children. My most common pictures are family portraits or child portraits.

Q: What advice would you give starting artists/crafters?

A: Just shoot what you love-take those types of photos!

Q: What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

A: I once took a picture of a mother and a child through a kitchen window. I am proud of this one because it looks so professional; you would never notice it was on a kitchen table! I also love to use the Petit Jean Mountains. The view is right out my front door, many people drive hours to take photos of this landscape but it is right out my front door.

Q: If you could be any color, what color would you be and why?

A: I would be purple because it reminds me about God and royalty. God’s majesty created earth which is natural beauty. This is my business name!


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