Thursday, September 29, 2011

Products to Celebrate the New Season!

Since today is the first day of fall, here are some products at DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts that are perfect for fall:



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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Check out this beautiful rainbow of colors in candy.  I love rock candy and could not resist this picture when I attended a local fall festival.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To Tuesday-Paper Lanterns

This is the first project I have attemped on my Fall To-Do craft list! 

  • Paper or Cardstock
  • Ruler
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine
  • Buttons
  • Tape
Step 1: Cut the paper or cardstock in strips about 1 inch wide.  I used 15 9" strips to make my lantern.  Different lengths and number of strips will produce different size lanterns so experiment! You will need fewer strips for shorter strips and more for longer lengths.  Punch a hole in each end of each strip of paper.

Step 2:  Thread twine through the holes in one end of the strips then tape the end to secure.  This will be the bottom of your lantern.  The paper side you want on the outside of the lantern should be the side you tape the twine. 

Step 3:  Thread the twine through the other end of the stack of strips so the twin runs along the inside of your stack of strips.  Pull the thread tight so the strips bow out.

Step 4:  Thread the twine through the button on the top and tie a bow with the twine.  The twine should be tight with the paper bowed out.

Step 5:  Fan the strips in a circle to finish your lantern!

Step 6:  Hang the lantern anywhere you please for a little added touch.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Inspirations and My Seasonal To-Do Craft List

I am completely inspired by the rusts, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns that color this season.  The shapes of the leaves, pumpkins, and other harvest goods are fruit for artistic inspiration.  Though maybe not conforming to traditional beauty, this season is full of surprising color combinations, shapes, and mixtures of medias. 
Here are some projects I hope to conquer this season:
I better get busy!  I will keep you updated of my progress with these projects.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Feedback Friday:Fall Festivals

Earlier in the week I shared a few of the fall festivals I was planning on attending this season.  I am interested in what else is out there! 

Let me know what festivals are in your area.  Do you plan to attend?  Do you participate as a vendor?

Happy Festival-ing this weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Losing Leaves and Fall Festivals

As the weather cools, local community artists and neighbors start to warm up at fall festivals. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the lure of homemade caramel corn, dried corn husks, and the rainbow of colors present in changing leaves. Local festivals are wonderful ways to meet up with old friends and neighbors and to meet new artists, trade products, and build relationships within the community. Around every corner, past the high school booster club lemon shake ups, are tents, stands, tables, and temporary shops offering vintage, baked goods, hand crafted treasures, and more.  Scarecrows, jack-o-lanterns, baskets, and more populate the streets of small towns.

I am most excited about the pleasant surprises in products and people as I plan to attend a few of my favorite fall festivals in southern Indiana.  I grew up in a small town, and my childhood is highlighted by family trips to the festivals and farmers markets in and around our community.  This exposure only fueled and excited my creativity!

 Some festivals I will be attending:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Feedback Friday: Have you participated in BNR/BNS on Etsy?

This week I focused on the "How-Tos" and ABCs of Etsy BNR/BNS treasuries.  I am anxious to hear your thoughts and experiences with this aspect of the handmade haven's site.

Have you ever particpated in a BNR/BNS?  If so, what advice to you have for fellow Etsians?

If you have not participated, what intrigues you about the process?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part Two-ABCs of BNR/BNS

In the previous post, I discussed the "How-To's" of Etsy BNR and BNS.  BNR stands for Buy and Replace, and BNS stands for Buy and Stay.  For the details, see yesterday's post here.  Today, I will discuss some aspects of BNR/BNS to help you make the best of your buying and selling experience on Etsy.

A: Advertise, advertise, advertise

The success of BNR/BNS treasuries relies on the actions of those featured to promote the event.  Many sellers featured in the BNR/BNS send conversations via Etsy to shops in their Circle (The "circle" is your network of contacts and shops on Etsy).  However, the danger of this is that in some cases, these conversations can be classified as spam and are against the Terms of Use of the Etsy site.  So be careful when advertising; only convo those fellow Etsians who you know well to avoid spamming loads of individuals.  Shops also "favorite" the treasury and share on Facebook and Twitter.  When someone "favorites" the treasury, it will show up in his or her activity feed which is seen by all in his or her Circle.  The more avenues the more shoppers!

B: Buy

Of course for BNR/BNS to work, shoppers must buy!  More often than not, a buyer does not have to buy the item featured in the treasury but can buy anything from the featured shop.  Buy to support fellow Etsians and handmade crafters.  Make sure you pay attention to the rules posted for each BNR/BNS to be conscious of buying minimums and other restrictions.  Also, pay attention to opportunities to get included on bonus rounds, raffles, and other perks for purchases.  Sometimes, if you buy from the curator or from a team member you can qualify for bonus rounds.  Bonus rounds mean sellers will be featured in future rounds without having to buy-in again.  For example, one time I bought from a BNR curator was featured for four rounds.  In other words, I bought in once and was featured four times.  Note, this is not true for all BNR/BNS, contests and perks are usually posted at the beginning of the discussion thread under the treasury. 
C: Chat

Even if you cannot buy or sell in a BNR/BNS, still take a few minutes to stop by and chat with the curators, shops featured, and other shoppers in the discussion thread under the treasury.  If you are featured as a seller in the BNR/BNS, make sure you stop by to chat with the other shops and potential buyers.  This is a great way to promote your shop and products while getting to know fellow Etsians.  You will be surprised by how much sellers have in common, and even if a fellow Etsian cannot buy from you, if you take time to get to know them, then you can often gain a referral.  Chatting in BNR/BNS is a great way to build your network on Etsy.  As a seller as you can increase your public image and build your value as a seller who is genuinely interested in other crafters rather than just using Etsy as a shop front.  It is all about marketing and making friends!  Remember to have fun!

I want to hear about your experiences and advice in the comments section below; feel free to leave a note for other readers.

Cheers!  And I will see you in the discussion thread on Etsy BNR/BNS!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part One-How it Works

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part One-How it Works

There are many wonders in the world of Etsy.  In addition to the plethora of crafts, vintage items, wreaths, cards, scarves, paintings, pots, breads, soaps, trinkets, and supplies, there exist countless selling strategies, seller support services, and marketing moves.  One of the most intriguing aspects of selling and creating on Etsy is participating in BNR or BNS treasuries.

BNR stands for Buy and Replace, and BNS stands for Buy and Stay.  In a BNR, curators create a treasury of items from various shops.  Anyone can act as a curator.  Curators are sometimes part of a Team on Etsy and only feature items from Team members.  Some curators use a Team as a sponsor of a BNR but anyone can participate.  Some BNRs follow a theme like a color, season, holiday, or supply.  Some BNRs and BNSs last several rounds over several days.

How it works:  When someone visits the BNR and purchases an item from a shop featured in the treasury, the buyer's shop is then featured in the seller's place.  So the buyer replaces the seller in the treasury. Make sense?  In a BNS, a buyer buys from a featured shop, but the seller stays in that particular BNS round.  The buyer is not featured until the next round of the BNS.  The buyer buys and the seller stays for more sales.  Make sense?

My experience with BNR/BNS is that BNRs move much more quickly.  Buyers are looking to replace and get featured in the treasury.  BNS work well for multiple sales, but in my experience, this is good for suppliers not necessarily shops offering finished products.

Stay tuned for Part Two where the ABCs of BNR/BNS will be discussed!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Martha Stewart Heating Tool Product Review

Product Review: Martha Stewart Heating Tool

My latest venture in crafting is heat embossing.  I love to add that extra luxe touch to dress up a simple, blank notecard.  I will admit, it takes practice to get the right amount of ink, powder, and heat.  I have also burned my fair share using the wrong kind of heat sources.  I finally decided to purchase a heating tool and turned to Martha Stewart via Michaels Craft Store.

Martha Stewart Tools Heating Tool Large Image

The Martha Stewart Heating Tool is very comfortable and easy to hold to heat emboss.  The coil heats quickly and consistently.  Also, the air flow is not too fast to blow all the embossing powder off the design.  The cord is very heavy duty and a sufficient length.  The tool was also priced competitively, but a bit higher, than comparable heating tools from other brands.

Using this Martha Stewart Heating Tool, I did not scorch any projects and was pleasantly surprised by the ease and functionality. 

Check out the projects I completed using this tool at DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts on Etsy!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Giveaway on BreakForMoms for Etsy Store Credit!

DeLorenzo Arts and Crafts store credit giveaway!

Jennifer at BreakForMoms blog is hosting a giveaway for $20.00 shop credit at my Esty shop! Head over to her blog, become a follower, leave a comment, and get a chance to win!

Good luck and make sure you tell her You heard about the giveaway on Arts and Crafts Ado blog!

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