Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part Two-ABCs of BNR/BNS

In the previous post, I discussed the "How-To's" of Etsy BNR and BNS.  BNR stands for Buy and Replace, and BNS stands for Buy and Stay.  For the details, see yesterday's post here.  Today, I will discuss some aspects of BNR/BNS to help you make the best of your buying and selling experience on Etsy.

A: Advertise, advertise, advertise

The success of BNR/BNS treasuries relies on the actions of those featured to promote the event.  Many sellers featured in the BNR/BNS send conversations via Etsy to shops in their Circle (The "circle" is your network of contacts and shops on Etsy).  However, the danger of this is that in some cases, these conversations can be classified as spam and are against the Terms of Use of the Etsy site.  So be careful when advertising; only convo those fellow Etsians who you know well to avoid spamming loads of individuals.  Shops also "favorite" the treasury and share on Facebook and Twitter.  When someone "favorites" the treasury, it will show up in his or her activity feed which is seen by all in his or her Circle.  The more avenues the more shoppers!

B: Buy

Of course for BNR/BNS to work, shoppers must buy!  More often than not, a buyer does not have to buy the item featured in the treasury but can buy anything from the featured shop.  Buy to support fellow Etsians and handmade crafters.  Make sure you pay attention to the rules posted for each BNR/BNS to be conscious of buying minimums and other restrictions.  Also, pay attention to opportunities to get included on bonus rounds, raffles, and other perks for purchases.  Sometimes, if you buy from the curator or from a team member you can qualify for bonus rounds.  Bonus rounds mean sellers will be featured in future rounds without having to buy-in again.  For example, one time I bought from a BNR curator was featured for four rounds.  In other words, I bought in once and was featured four times.  Note, this is not true for all BNR/BNS, contests and perks are usually posted at the beginning of the discussion thread under the treasury. 
C: Chat

Even if you cannot buy or sell in a BNR/BNS, still take a few minutes to stop by and chat with the curators, shops featured, and other shoppers in the discussion thread under the treasury.  If you are featured as a seller in the BNR/BNS, make sure you stop by to chat with the other shops and potential buyers.  This is a great way to promote your shop and products while getting to know fellow Etsians.  You will be surprised by how much sellers have in common, and even if a fellow Etsian cannot buy from you, if you take time to get to know them, then you can often gain a referral.  Chatting in BNR/BNS is a great way to build your network on Etsy.  As a seller as you can increase your public image and build your value as a seller who is genuinely interested in other crafters rather than just using Etsy as a shop front.  It is all about marketing and making friends!  Remember to have fun!

I want to hear about your experiences and advice in the comments section below; feel free to leave a note for other readers.

Cheers!  And I will see you in the discussion thread on Etsy BNR/BNS!

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  1. I wish all those featured in any treasury would learn from this. I try to tell everyone to click "favorite" and click all the items and comment and tweet if they tweet. Some shops take no initiative and rely on others to promote their shops.

    Just think of the sales if everyone promoted a treasury!

    Have a wonderful day!