Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part One-How it Works

BNR/BNS on Etsy: Part One-How it Works

There are many wonders in the world of Etsy.  In addition to the plethora of crafts, vintage items, wreaths, cards, scarves, paintings, pots, breads, soaps, trinkets, and supplies, there exist countless selling strategies, seller support services, and marketing moves.  One of the most intriguing aspects of selling and creating on Etsy is participating in BNR or BNS treasuries.

BNR stands for Buy and Replace, and BNS stands for Buy and Stay.  In a BNR, curators create a treasury of items from various shops.  Anyone can act as a curator.  Curators are sometimes part of a Team on Etsy and only feature items from Team members.  Some curators use a Team as a sponsor of a BNR but anyone can participate.  Some BNRs follow a theme like a color, season, holiday, or supply.  Some BNRs and BNSs last several rounds over several days.

How it works:  When someone visits the BNR and purchases an item from a shop featured in the treasury, the buyer's shop is then featured in the seller's place.  So the buyer replaces the seller in the treasury. Make sense?  In a BNS, a buyer buys from a featured shop, but the seller stays in that particular BNS round.  The buyer is not featured until the next round of the BNS.  The buyer buys and the seller stays for more sales.  Make sense?

My experience with BNR/BNS is that BNRs move much more quickly.  Buyers are looking to replace and get featured in the treasury.  BNS work well for multiple sales, but in my experience, this is good for suppliers not necessarily shops offering finished products.

Stay tuned for Part Two where the ABCs of BNR/BNS will be discussed!


  1. Nice post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks for posting about this. I was included in 2-3 a while ago, but none since. And I was so new to Etsy back then I wasn't really sure about the whole thing. But your post helped break it all down...I think I might just hold a BNS soon!

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