About Me


I love to create beautiful things to bring others a smile. I love to make paper cards and other paper crafts. I started by making cards for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions as a frugal initiative. I decided it was a personal touch to a gift in lieu of a store bought, mass produced greeting.

I am also an amateur acrylic painter. I started painting in college as a stress relief activity and have continued years later as a hobby. I am mostly inspired by nature and flower designs, but maybe someday I will branch out a little more (no pun intended).

I currently live in Southern Indiana and am a born and bred Hoosier.  I have worked in higher education since I graduated from Rice University with a degree in psychology. I then earned my Master of Science in Human Services Administration from LSU Shreveport. I use creativity to fuel my crafting hobby.  My inspiration comes most often in the form of my travels, family, friends, and nature. I hope my art can bring a bit of happiness to a person's life or brighten someone's day.

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