Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arts Education is vital to develop student potential

A local school system in my area recently revitalized musical instrument teaching in elementary schools for this next academic year.  Programs are already established in local high schools.  The school system has even introduced a lease program for students to borrow instruments if elementary students cannot afford to buy new or used.  I, for one, am a large supporter of this initiative. 
I am a strong believer that arts education (music, fine arts, dance, etc…) is extremely important for students.  Studies show music education has a positive impact on academic performance.  Not to toot my own horn (pun intended!), but I participated in band in middle school and performed very well academically.  Learning how to play an instrument teaches a student to practice to produce results and develop discipline.  In addition, students get a sense of belonging to a club, organization or academic program.  When I was in middle school, practicing my flute became a way for me to develop time management.  I knew I had to practice for thirty minutes then do homework.  I sometimes used practicing my flute as a study break for academic homework as well. 
The National Art Education Association states that arts education fulfills human potential and promotes global understanding.  Arts education is a wonderful way for students to express themselves through music, painting, ceramics, drawing, dancing, and many other forms.  Art is a wonderful way for students to develop their potential and feel good about themselves.  Art classes are a break from the mundane academic lectures, and these courses stimulate different parts of the brain.  This stimulation helps students think differently and exercises their cognitive and artistic abilities to develop their potential.
Arts education is vital to a student’s academic experience.  From stimulating the brain to having fun creating beautiful pieces, art is a great way for students to challenge themselves in order to develop their potential.    


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